‘Not for Profit’


Empowering Community

Empowering our community empowers our people and patients, positively shaping healthcare itself. By equipping patients from the moment of diagnosis, we become a significant factor in the cancer success equation and increase survival rates. It’s about reducing avoidable deaths that occur due to a lack of targeted knowledge, understanding, and or access. A simple yet profound idea rooted in community engagement.

Empowering Innovation

We channel every dollar into ‘Patient Empowerment’ Innovations and Initiatives from diagnosis. These efforts include ‘Translational Genomics’, ‘Evidence-Based Medicine’, and ‘*OCP Best Practices’. Opportunities for medical interventions are fluid; delivering targeted information that patients can understand and act on is crucial to success. (*Optimal Care Pathway)

Responsibility and Community

Classic Australian beachside community
with a distinct difference

Main Beach is a strong and vibrant villager community built around individual and collectively shared values, visions, aspirations and the responsibilities that rise up from them.

Strong community has its foundations in good health and constructive contributions – cancer is an ever present threat to this.

The Main Beach Foundation distills and enables the grassroots community potentials and contributions to help reduce and eliminate this threat.

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